Basthi: The 'Halve' Detoxification

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Basthi: The 'Halve' Detoxification

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The Basthi or Ardha Chikitsa is an Ayurvedic treatment method used in curing the disease atleast in ardha rupa or partly. The Ayurvedic principle states that aggravated vata is the core reason for the occurance of many illnesses. The Monsoons are the recommended period for the Basthi treatment when the disease hits the top scale. Ardha Chikitsa is carried out by the administration of medicated liquid into the colon through the rectum. The colon is not the lone part affected as the medication influences the doshas in the body.

The Vata dosha is balanced through this approach and this balancing helps in detoxifying the cells and tissues and removing the wastes and toxins. The medication used for cleansing the colon and through that the entire body is made of medicinal herbs and ayurvedic oil. The retention of the medicinal power rebulids the damaged cells and tissues and helps the body to turn healthy and strong.

Basti treatment is usually used for sensory disorders, chronic constipation, arthritis and more. The basti treatment are of two levels. The Anuvasana Basthi or the nourishing basthi which helps in treating vata disorders. The concoction varies according to variation in nutritive requirement. The treatment is used mainly for gout, diarrhoea, constipation, cold and is only administered after the cleansing through Nirooha Basthi. The cleansing basthi or Nirooha Basthi helps cleanse the deeper tissues using medicinal herbs and oil. But Basthi is not recommended for patients with abdominal distention and helmenthic infections.


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