In the world of commercials

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In the world of commercials

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``Washing powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma,'' If you are a person in your late 20s, you might have grown up listening to this very popular commercial. You can, most probably, still visualise the girl spinning around and then turning into a picture on a packet of Nirma.
Such commercials and jingles have the power to linger in your mind even after 20 years. India has produced a large number of good ad film makers who have proved their mettle through the creative pieces which arrested the attention of viewers.
Let us look into some more commercials which created an impact. The commercial created a few years back for a mobile company can be included in that long list. It carried a visual of the two boys playing football defying the borders. The ad film was pictured so clearly and touchingly that the television viewers considered it not just as a part of promotional activities of a product/brand, but as a moving creative work which conveys some positive message to the society.
Another example will be the ad films released during the last few years on Kerala tourism. It helped in promoting the tourism sector in Kerala. These ad films often highlighted the major features – the backwaters, beaches, hill stations and the ayurveda kerala The vivid depiction of the culture and beauty of the land in these ad films surely helped increase the number of tourists to the State. All these examples show that advertisements can influence people and the market tremendously.


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