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How to apply concealer?

Step 1 - Put a small amount on your fourth fingertip and dot it on, moving from the outside corner of the eye inward, and back out again. The most important and easily overlooked place to put concealer is the inner corner of your top lid. Put a bit slightly below your dark circles to avoid the raccoon-like look.

Step 2 - You can apply concealer over or under foundation, but no matter which way you choose, be sure to blend, blend and blend. If you prefer, use a triangular makeup sponge to blend in a gentle back-and-forth dotting motion. Do not pull or rub; you will stretch your delicate thin skin!

Step 3 - After applying, smile into the mirror and check that it is evenly applied and hasn't crept into the little lines around your eyes. If that happens, blot gently with a tissue.

CONCEALER APPLYING TIP: Some makeup artists swear by concealer brushes, but you may get the best and most even coverage if you apply concealer with your fourth finger. The fourth finger exerts the least pressure, so it doesn't pull on delicate skin and its warmth blends better. Just be sure to pat gently. The fourth finger is also great for applying eye cream and eye shadow, as it gets into all the little nooks and crannies around your eyes.

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